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Measures and use

Length of the cane

The length of the cane should be appropriate in order to let the user adopt an upright posture with his/her elbow slightly bent. In this way the body weight rests on the cane when walking.

If you choose a cane that is too long, your arm will be overbent. If, on the contrary, it is too short, when leaning on it your body will adopt an unnatural tilted posture, which might cause injuries.

How do you know which is the right length of the cane?

The overall length must include the handle or grip of the cane.

Follow the recommendations below:

-Wear the shoes you regularly wear.

-Stand with your back and legs straight and the arms close to your body.

-Your arm must hang normally at your side.

-The correct length of the cane is measured from your wrist to the ground (it is advisable to ask somebody else to take this measure). In this way, when you grab the handle, your arm will be slightly flexed. That is to say, neither too straight nor too bent to prevent you from applying the proper force when walking.

Once the correct measure has been taken

Having taken into account our recommendations, you should inform us of the correct length at the time of the purchase so that we can adjust the length to satisfy your needs. You are asked to enter this information in the box “Length of the cane” in the section “Proceed to checkout”.

Maini’s walking sticks end in a delicate steel ferrule, to which a rubber or high quality flexible polyurethane cap we supply you with can be applied.

The steel ferrule is sticked with a special product once the final height is communicated.

Although the canes can be shortened by the client with a saw, this is not recommended, since it will be impossible to put back the stainless steel cap properly.

However, if you decide to shorten the cane by yourself, make sure you are doing it in the right place. It is always possible to make a new cut if it is still too long. Once the cutting is completed, put back the rubber cap.

Ways to hold the cane

When you hold the cane with your hand it is advisable that you put the index finger straight in the direction of the rod, with the thumb in the same position on the other side. This will allow you to exert sufficient force on the cane.
Be careful not to hold it with all your fingers around the handle, since this has proved to be inefficient.

Chart to calculate the correct height

This chart relates the person’s height to the lenght of the cane. It has to be used merely as a guideline since each single individual’s anatomical features are different.

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