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Let's walk
with elegance.


Exclusivity for a perfect


Good taste
and delicacy.


and exclusive designs.

Style is a way
to say who you are.



This type of handle allows the user to maintain independence to move and helps to have a good, dynamic and active quality of life.


Our wood and silver designs will add aesthetic value without affecting their main function of providing balance and relief.


Take a look at our selection of deer antler poles to see the best handmade, unique or custom pieces from our store.

Since the late 1990s, I have concentrated on designing walking sticks with an artistic touch, putting all my experience and my desire to develop a collection of relevance into them, especially working with molten silver using lost wax technology, which I has made it possible to create these art forms called canes.


The history of the cane throughout Humanity is very rich and full of surprises. This channel will allow us to strengthen ties between those of us who are interested in the exciting world of walking sticks.

The walking stick through the history

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By the time we reach the present day, the story of the cane has traveled through many centuries and many events linked to both the…

Erotic walking sticks

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Erotic subjects have appeared in variety of artistic guises from ancient times: images of an erotic nature became a real “genre” in the decorative arts,…

The silver on the walking sticks

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Silver has always been a sign of special distinction and elegance when it is on the handles of canes. A fact that characterizes virtually every…

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