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The story of my walking sticks

When I came back fom Italy in November 1990 I had the strong desire of opening new horizons that would stretch beyond my profession. I was willing to put into practice what I had learned for so many years.

That is why, after our arrival and while still working at the workshop, my brother Adrián and I decided to make small bronce sculptures with a new system of casting metal.

With my father’s help and that of his friend Tumín we created some sculptures of which we were quite satisfied. However, we felt there was still room for personal growth.

One day in a library I found a book that changed my life: “The book of walking sticks”. It was about vintage walking sticks. On the front cover there were five, and four of them had a metal handle. By reading it I rapidly became absorbed by the topic.

From that moment I put all my energy into designing walking sticks with an artistic touch, drawing on all my experience to build up a prestigious collection, working with molten silver and lost-wax process, which allowed me to master this art, the art of canes.

There came several years of exhaustive search, failure and success. But I never gave up and was glad enough to find people around willing to help me. I followed this path for more than twenty-years. And today I am proud of the result of so much effort, dedication and passion. I sincerely hope you like my walking sticks as much as I do.

Carlos Luis Maini

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