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Our canes

Maini’s canes offer you a unique variety of fine style hand-made walking sticks, imagined, designed and built to produce artistic pieces that give you comfort, stability and elegance.

They must be considered not only skillfully crafted pieces for people of any sex to walk and stand out, but also precious single objects of a collection that is striking in its design and comfort. Not to mention they are ideal presents for anniversaries or weddings or for people who are able to appreciate their qualities.

Materials and manufacture

These artistic pieces are made of the noblest materials, being molten silver and lost wax at the centre of the manufacturing process.

This method of silver processing allows us to make complete or parcial silver-made handles, whose little bit thickness ensures high resistance and give the artist the freedom to create original works that do not hinder practicality. In fact, molten silver technology defies the designer’s imagination and does not restrict his capacity to create canes of intricate shapes.

Silver is used in an alloy with copper to obtain higher density, since silver is in itself not very strong and in the case of walking sticks structural strength is a must.

In the parts in which greater resistance is needed, an alloy of silver and copper is used, consisting of 800 thousandths of silver (80%) and 200 thousandths of copper (20%), a ratio that can be altered by increasing the amount of silver and reducing that of copper if the structure allows it. However, the 80 % alloy has been widely used throughout the centuries.

But for lovers of 925 silver, they are also made in that alloy, using 925 thousandths of silver (92.5%) and 75 thousandths of copper (7.5%).

It is important to say that materials like German silver, nickel silver and pewter are alloys that only look like silver. However, these alloys do not contain silver nor do they have its qualities.

Maini’s walking sticks handles are made of silver, since this metal allows for artistic creation.

All the materials used for the crafting in addition to being registered are of the highest quality. Wood and metal, as well as the rest of the components, obey environmental regulations. For example, if a model requires Patagonian red deer’s antlers, these are collected from the field once deer have shed them, without affecting the ecosystem.

All canes are made of composites of titanium or carbon fiber. These materials are reputed to be of the latest generation and of the highest international quality.

The canes are designed and built in two diferent diameters. They start from a diameter that goes from 21,5mm or 19mm in the silver collar, and then start narrowing throughout the shaft till the ferrule, and thus create an aesthetic experience.

Identification and exclusivity

On the back of the ring of each stick the silver law is printed with an awl and, to identificate it further, an alphanumeric register made up by combining the capital letter A with numbers, starting from 800 A 001; 800 is the number of the silver law. If it is in 925 sterling silver, as an example, it would be: 925 A 001 .The 800 silver and 925 silver canes can appear alternately, without changing the order and it is only to identify in which silver alloy they have been made.

This identification makes of each stick a unique artistic piece, being registered in a minute book.

Each certificate contains the date and place of manufacturing, the materials used- especially for the handle- the silver law, the type of wood, the assembling materials, the characteristics of the tip, the diameter of the ferrule and shaft, the total weight in grams, the length, the details of design and craftmenship, as well as photographs.

At the bottom of each certificate you will find the craftman’s signature: Carlos Maini.

The client receives the cane together with a copy of the certificate duly signed by a notary public.

Distinction and style

Maini’s walking sticks put together different disciplines in their design, including sculpture, jewelry, silverware, and other creative activities. Another technique used on silver is torch firing enameling, which gives walking sticks a sign of distinction and create pieces of a unique collection.

Maini’s walking sticks offer you fine quality cane stands, displaying our logo in the upper part and numbered in the lower part for the correct identification of canes. The variety of models and designs matches any furniture, making it easy to properly store and display them in your home or office.

We also offer you accesories for walking sticks proper use and maintenance.

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